Plasma Diagnostics      22.67     Fall 2014

Prof. I.H. Hutchinson     3-8760,

Classes at 1pm, NW16-213, Monday and Wednesday
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Week       Approximate Schedule.

Sep     3     Introduction, Magnetic Measurements,
8     10     Equilibrium Reconstruction, Internal magnetics.
15     17     Refractive Index
22     25     Interferometry. Propagation and refractive imaging.
Oct 29     1     Faraday Rotation. Reflectometry.
6     8     Radiation. Electron Cyclotron Radiation, thermal.
.     15     Nonthermal, Cerenkov radiation. Bremsstrahlung.
20     22     Thomson Scattering
.     .     APS DPP Meeting. No classes.
Nov 3     5     Plasma Particle Flux. Langmuir Probes.
.     12     Mach-Probes. Other analysers.
17     19     Line Radiation.
24     26     Line width and shift. Spectroscopy.
Dec  1      3     Ion Processes Neutrals. Beam diagnostics.
 8     10     Ions, Fusion Products
15         Final Exam 1:30-4:30 NW16-213

Text: "Principles of Plasma Diagnostics", IHH, Cambridge UP 2002.

Grade Basis
Homework ( < 1 per week)     35%
Class participation/presentation     30%
Final (open book)     35%
Bonus for discovery of typos.    
Each student will present two 20 minute seminars based on readings in the text. The material of the presentation will then be discussed by the class as a whole. The class participation part of the grade will be based on the quality of the presentations and of the student's participation in discussion.
Final will be scheduled in finals week Three hours. It will be open book, but no telephone calls to a friend!
Here are some examples of finals if you want to practice: 2006 Final Exam 2004 Final Exam

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